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Heh.. it's good to see it finished.... I'm a little surprised at how quick it was. (does that make sense?) I thought it'd go on much longer.. but hey.. it works! Congrats on frontpage.. I rekon Cheddar should be a 'Professional Collaboration Organiser'..... I could see that on a licence... "Cheddar79 P.C.O" looks better than M.D or anything like that..

cheers everyone.. until the next Anniversary!

You sir... are one freaky dude..

You make up for an obvious lack of skill in graphics with a disturbing look into your personal life, and freaky ending... really.. freaky... ending.

I would have blammed it had I not feared you'd hunt me down and kill me or something..

Nice work... I guess.


This is the way any flash made up with computer voices should be done.. short, and to the point. I can't stand those voices for very long.. but I could handle that.. points for subtitles.. points for a quick laugh.


WebcamLock responds:

Thank you!

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Admittedly I didn't spend very long playing it, but I was never a huge fan of platformers.. The graphics were great, and you get a humor point for the Aliens reference. I just really didn't like the controls.. if you could make 'em customizable.. or something.. it'd be better.. nice work.

Pretty good game.

I liked it.. it was a bit frustrating.. but I just woke up.. my only real problem with it was that if I am leaning back.. and start moving back up, but change my mind half way, it'll just stick in this half-dodge that is useless.. but you probably did that on purpose... you bastard! Oh well.. very addictive, well drawn, controls were pretty good, sound was a bit lacking.. but it wasn't really needed.. too busy concentrating to hear anything : P

Well done!

Not very good...

Meh... that was boring.. Boring weapons.. badly drawn.. crappy sound... No thanks.

If you notice this notice.. you'll notice this notice.. isn't worth noticing.

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